ZnB Group, LLC (ZnB) is a newly formed private sales distribution and marketing services firm founded in order to build stable, long-term relationships with medical device manufacturers in the United States and Europe. ZnB is focused on providing individualized support for patients and physicians/surgeons in China at a level of consistency and quality otherwise unavailable.

ZnB is an assiduous, hands-on firm striving to establish both an ethical approach to the Chinese market and its members, and a transparent communication style in working with manufacturers. ZnB seeks partner relationships with medical device manufacturers aiming to launch, re-launch or grow new and existing product sales in China within a long-term, sustainable strategy. 

ZnB’s management began working together in China nearly 10 years ago and offers expertise in sales distribution and management, as well as the full range of marketing services that may accompany sales distribution─from marketing introduction and registration to strategic planning and educational programming.

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