ZNB Group, LLC is a US-headquartered sales distribution and marketing services firm providing access to and growth in the China market for US and European medical device manufacturers. We help deliver informed sales distribution success for high technology medical device manufacturers sharing an interest in professional, education-based strategies. As distributor representatives in China, we emphasize appropriate training and education for patients and physicians, and avoid the more common volume-only based business model. Finally, we intentionally exceed all ethical standards that apply to US-based companies and choose to work transparently and in partnership with manufacturers in order to nurture long-term mutual success.

ZNB Group, LLC (ZNB) leverages its practical, hands-on experience in and knowledge of all areas of China medical device sales and marketing, including challenging regulatory approvals under circumstances of modified or untested standards, new product custom and individualized national and regional research, new product and new business strategic and tactical planning, national sales management, sales representative selection and management, distributor and sub-distributor selection and management, tender processing and pricing, and appropriate creation and execution of educational programming.
Research Registration Strategic Planning Tactical and Activities Planning
National, Local Management Transparent Communication Ethical Professional Marketing Product Feedback and Follow-Up
Original Design and Programming Clinical Specialist Support and Follow-Up Live and Remote Options Patient and Physician Feedback and Follow-Up