Customized, Local in-China Services designed specifically for the client, including:

Physician Education

Physician/Surgeon Professional Education Programming Coordinated and Executed by ZNB for Clinicians new or not new to a Product or Procedure includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Live Animal Labs with Expert (Local or ex-China) Group Leader
  • 20-30 attendees in the lab with the potential for multi-day trainings
Live (and/or webcast later) Video Procedure with Expert
  • 200-300 attendees with VIP panel
  • Largest exposure for products with appropriate experts and attendees
Multi-Hospital Road Show at VIP Hospitals with Didactic and/or Live Training
  • Potential for 5-6 city tour of 15-20 VIP hospitals with local or ex-China expert
  • Personal, expert discussions with key opinion leaders
  • Most impactful for one-on-one education and relationship-building with appropriate expert and hospitals
Cooperation with VIP Hospital for Regular (monthly or quarterly) Trainings
  • Unusual but highly impactful option for training with top hospital
  • Requires prior relationship but cooperation allows VIP hospital to share responsibility and image in training
Case Study Panel Discussions and Clinical Abstract Contests
  • Unique, individualized programs that allow for specific products and clinicians to be highlighted
  • Programs and be local, region or national depending on the goals of the program
  • Allows the most creativity and product-specific impact
Patient Education

Patient Education Programming Coordinated and Executed by ZnB for Patients new or not new to a Product or Procedure includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Patient Outreach Day
  • Patients with a prior product implant or procedure return to their hospital or a sponsor hospital for discussion regarding its success/failure
  • Physician/surgeon participates and may lead the program; other clinicians present
  • Q&A with clinicians as well as distributor-representative or manufacturer-representative is possible
Treatment Options Day
  • Clinicians and distributor or manufacturer representatives offer product and procedure information to patients interested in specific treatment; requires cooperation with competitors for benefit of patients but has potential to assist hospital with massive education initiatives
Online Patient Education Websites via a VIP Hospital or Physician/Surgeon
All ZnB Patient & Physician Education offers: 
  • Original Design and Programming
  • Clinical Specialist (Physician/Surgeon) Collaboration
  • Live and Remote Options (with feeds from the US and Europe)
  • Patient and Physician Feedback and Follow-Up

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