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With ZNB Group, LLC, you have access to a combined 20+ years of experience in the Chinese medical device and pharmaceutical market working with US and European-based entrepreneurial, mid-sized and mostrecently, multinational corporations, on a variety regulatory, marketing and sales distribution solutions. ZNB Management has enjoyed 6+ years of cooperative experience with various consumables and surgical devices.
ZNB performs consistently as a market leader while managing new business and new product launches (two per year on average).

ZNB has expertise and national-level sales and marketing responsibilities with a variety of medical device products that allows it to understand a diverse number of product categories and to benefit from a range of long-term hospital and physician relationships.

Specifically, ZNB management has accomplished the following in joint partnerships in China over the past 6 years:
Maintained above-market average sales growth rates while avoiding pricing reductions Managed national-level dealer network without a major dealer-initiated defection Managed Chinese team of indirect and direct representatives with <10% turnover Implemented regular, formalized physician training programs in each major metro area Instituted new standard-setting clinical workshop for VIP physicians with remote and live procedures/training Organized regional and local patient reunion groups for hospital and patient feedback Personally created and executed 5-city, one-on-one physician interviews for research on procedures new to market
ZNB hopes we can put our detailed knowledge of the Chinese medical device market, insider manufacturer points-of-view, and sales distribution and marketing expertise to work for you.
to learn more about our expertise and how we might be able to assist you.