Customized, Local, In-China Services designed specifically for the client, including:

Market Research
Opportunity Assessments for Products New to China
  • Market Sizing per Province/Metro Area and per Major Hospital
  • Competitive Positioning and Pricing Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Procedural Training and Education
  • Regulatory Pathways and Timelines for Launch
  • Structural Sales Recommendations
Growth Assessments for Products Already Launched in China with Unsatisfactory Results
  • Product Feedback from Major Hospitals and VIP Physicians/Surgeons
  • Assessments and Recommendations for Training and Education
  • Tactical Sales & Marketing Recommendations
Business Unit/Product Category Strategic Assessments
Pricing Studies and Recommendations
Procedural Market Overview and Assessments

  • Outline for Timeline to Approval and Submission Recommendations for Companies Registering Products Independently
  • Execution and Hands-on Management of Step-by-Step process from Submission to Approval for Companies Requiring Registration Assistance
Strategic Planning
  • Product Launch Plans for Companies with Products New to and Already Launched in China
  • Long and Short-Term Business Unit/Product Category Strategic Plans for Companies New to and Already Launched in China
Tactical and Activities Planning
  • Step-by-Step Product Launch Recommendations
  • Sales Motivation and Incentive Options
  • Patient Outreach and Access Programming
  • Physician/Surgeon Professional Education Programming
  • Corporate Cooperation with Professional Societies and VIP Hospitals

Market IntroductionSales DistributionPatient & Physician Education

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