Customized, Local, in-China Services designed specifically for the client, including:

National and Local Sales Distribution
For Companies New to China, or with an Interest in Changing Distribution:
100% National Coverage with a team of Sales Representatives and Clinical Specialists in each metro area and all major provinces.

For Companies with Existing Distribution but with Difficulties in Some Regions:
Regional coverage to supplement existing distribution.

For Companies with Existing Distribution but with Difficulties in Some Cities:
Assistance in key metro areas with additional Sales Representatives or Clinical Specialists.
ZnB Distribution Offers:
Transparent Communication
  • Weekly and monthly updates to Manufacturer-Partners, including:
  • Geographic Unit and $ Share of Market, Competitive Status and Recommendations for Improvements
  • Market Trends, both National and Local
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Communication with ZnB US and China office available 24/7
Ethical, Professional Marketing Presence
  • Marketing activities executed by ZnB Management with assistance from Sales & Clinical teams selected for participation in particular activities
  • Feedback on each activity immediately following execution
  • Creation/approval of product-specific activities with Manufacturer-Partner
  • All activities created and executed in-line with the highest ethical guidelines
Product Feedback and Follow-Up
  • Product feedback from both Physicians and Patients at least Monthly – Positive and Negative
  • Documented and TRACKED Product Sales – manual tracking by Hospital and Patient
  • Competitive product feedback and updates at least monthly

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