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For many US and European-based medical device manufacturers, entry into China seems a daunting but unavoidable direction to take in today’s search for new growth and opportunities. China's medical device market opportunity is now, even for the most local of manufacturers, a realistic target for sales expansion. Achieving this growth while managing concerns about doing business in China is crucial. Manufacturers with sales in China should seek a partner that understands the dynamics of the Chinese market and provides regular, clear communication as requested, coherently plans and executes launches and/or activities that are appropriate for that market, manages and articulates dynamic tender and pricing policies, inspires confidence in the ethical nature of local decision-making and maintains training and brand image as directed by the manufacturer. As that partner, ZnB offers a full range of sales and marketing services customizable for the manufacturer.

ZnB Group, LLC offers premium sales distribution services in China with the manufacturer’s long-term presence in mind. ZnB provides both national and regional representation for manufacturer partners with a focus on clear, transparent communication, professional marketing presence, and regular, direct product feedback from the market.

ZnB also provides professional marketing services that can be combined with sales distribution. For firms considering entry into China, market introduction services can provide an overview of a specific product or business’ potential via customized research and/or planning. For firms that have decided upon entry into China, ZnB offers assistance in achieving official device registration and detailed launch and other activity planning. Finally, for all firms in the market or those considering the market, ZnB creates and executes patient and physician education programs at the national and regional level. ZnB works with clinicians in the field to create original content and provides feedback following the program’s presentation.

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