1. We are in it for the long run

We seek long-term partnerships for sustainable, authentic growth.

2. We are in it with you
We are entrepreneurs with our own welfare at risk – we succeed if you succeed.

3. We are ethical
We follow applicable guidelines and standards as well as internal ZNB mandates in our decision-making and local operations.

4. We have references
We actually have personal experience in successful product and business unit launches in China.

5. We can launch and act quickly
We already know the geography, the culture, the market, and the key players.

6. We are professionals
We hire representatives who are senior professionals (educated with significant experience) with incentives to stay for the long-term.

7. We are ZNB and ZNB is us
Senior management is involved in all day-to-day aspects of distribution and is wholly accountable.
The relationships we have in the market are ours and ours alone; we will continue to cultivate them.

8. We understand manufacturer-partners
We personally understand, from experience, the manufacturer-partner’s goals and perspectives on doing business in China.
We are available 24/7 to communicate in the US or China.
We have found success in spite of adversity in China.
We have successfully launched products thought to have ill-prepared or non-existent markets.
We have required education of clinicians who claimed not to need it.
We have changed the dynamics of geographies previously dominated by one major competitor.

9. We have found methods to avoid price reductions although competitors could not
We have continuously filtered out customers and representatives unwilling to maintain ethical standards.

10. We ENJOY the challenges of China and Asia
We thrive on the changes in policy, competitor entries and the dynamics of a maturing market.
We are enthusiastic about bringing new technology to China for the benefit of its patients.

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